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Jonah Z Helms is a filmmaker, writer, director, actor, and puppeteer raised in Santa Fe, NM, among the riffraff of the political-circus troupe, The All Species Project. He developed his storytelling aspirations as a senior in high school after writing and directing the play, “Walk-In Closet,” which was performed in schools across the state.  After graduating from Emerson College with a degree in film production, Jonah moved to Los Angeles, CA, to further pursue his filmmaking work.

Jonah’s professional directorial work includes the feature film “The Pardoner’s Tale,” which screened at the 2009 Santa Fe Film Festival, the 2010 Albuquerque Film Festival (where it secured a distribution deal from River Coast Films), and the 2011 AOF Film Festival in Pasadena, California.  Other works include, the no-budget, dogma 95 inspired feature film, “Shedding Skin,” which debuted at the Academy qualifying 2007 Santa Fe Film Festival, and subsequently screened at the 2008 Gulf Coast Film Festival.

Jonah developed his filmmaking chops building and performing animatronic puppets for such notable films as, “The Revenant” (2015), “The Magnificent Seven” (2015), “Tammy” (2014), and “The Lone Ranger” (2013).  His performing work includes the Academy Award winning 'Animatronic Running Horse' as well as the lizard 'Mrs. Kipling' from the popular Disney show, “Jessie” (2012-14).

He credits his collaborative storytelling spirit to his twin sister and the wilds of the New Mexican high desert.