Starring: Aviva Baumann
Featuring: Matt Sanford, Lenny Hoffman, Marc Gay, Adam McLean, Jonah Z Helms, and Eric Davis
Director: Jonah Z Helms & Adam Mclean
Director of Photography: David J. Schweitzer
Producer: Leonard H. Hoffman, David J. Schweitzer, Conci Althouse, and SaneAsylum Films


From director Jonah Z Helms and  SaneAsylum Films comes the feature film inspired by one of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

The Pardoner's Tale tells the story of three friends: Freddie, an ex-comedian and current Iraq War vet struggling with PTSD; August, his younger brother, a recovering heroin addict fresh out of rehab; and Hobbes, Freddie's best friend, an idealistic hard-line, left-leaning professor at a local community college. Their stories twist and intersect toward a climax that leads them to a startling treasure. But will it be their key to redemption? Or the catalyst to their demise...?

Shot in New Mexico on a shoestring budget, The Pardoner's Tale has shown at numerous film festivals, garnering awards and praise for its striking neo-noir cinematography, original score, and unflinching look at some concerning social issues.

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